Forngården Museum

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Forngården Museum, which opened in 1958, gives visitors a feel of life on a farm in the archipelago in the mid-19th century. The museum consists of a main building, the oldest parts of which are from the 18th century, a storage building, two sheds, a storage building for fishing equipment, an outhouse, a barn and a smithy. The buildings have all been moved to the museum from their original locations. The smithy, which was acquired by Snappertuna Farmers Society and inaugurated in 1998, is the latest addition to the museum.

A beautiful forest path, the ”love path”, leads from the museum to Raseborg Castle.


Address: Tunalundsvägen 85, Snappertuna
Opening Hours: 12.6 – 26.8.2018  Tue – Sun 11.00 – 16.00. Groups by appointment.
Enquiries: +358-(0)19-289 2500, email: museum(at),
Entrance Fee: Adults 2 €, others free
Temporary exhibitions, events: Folk Museum Day with program and activities 10.6.2017  12-15
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Services:  Outhouse
Accessibility: Liikuntaeste Poor disabled access.