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The museum gives an account of developments in the building industry from the 1800s to modern times. The museum is housed in a two-storey building in connection with Siikaranta Institute. The ground floor covers the technical developments in the industry, from loghouses to modern industrial “flat-pack” construction and the the newest building materials. On this level there is also a small presentation on the role of the workers’ unions within the industry.


The upper floor displays the development of work tools for the different trades in the industry. As the foundation was the first part of a building to be constructed, the stone masons were the first to arrive at the site. The painters arrived last to give the building its finishing touches. The exhibition shows, amongst others, the tools of stone masons, steel fixers, bricklayers, timbermen, plumbers, decorators, painters and divers. The changes in the tools can be seen in the design, the material as well as the way in which they are used. Several trades have become obsolete over time and many tools have become redundant.


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