Malmtorp Farm Museum

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The museum gives the visitor a insight into living and housing conditions at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The museum consists of a cottage from 1877, which has been moved to the museum area, a storage building and sheds. There are recreated interiors inside the cottage. The storage building has been furnished as an old school interior, a mangle room, an old cottage hospital and it also contains a corner dedicated to old toys.

Tools, wagons, sleighs, tractors and other agricultural machines are kept in carriage houses. The collections and the museum premises are both subject to continuous expansion.



Address: Ingarskilantie 37, Tähtelä
Opening Hours: In June 2017 sat 11-13 Also by arrangement, tel. +358-(0)9-221 4422 or +358-(0)50-356 6074
Enquiries: tel. +358-(0)9-221 4422 or +358-(0)50-356 6074
Entrance Fee: Adults 2 €, guided tour included.
Temporary Exhibitions, events:
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Accessibility: Liikuntaeste Poor disabled access