The Evacuation Museum

VihtiRemnants of the War from Hanko to Porkkala

The Evacuation Museum is based at Niuhala old village school. The exhibition tells the story of residents of Heinjoki on the Karelian Isthmus (part of Finnish Karelia which became Russian territory after the Second World War) who were evacuated and relocated to Vihti during the Second World War. It describes the former Heinjoki: The nature, culture, livelihoods and inhabitants.

The exhibition also aims to give a general view of the two gruelling evacuation journeys the Karelians had to undertake. The evacuation museum is owned by the Heinjoki foundation, and Vihti Museum is responsible for maintaining the collections. Museum guide leaflets are available at the Pikkupappila building at Vihti Museum.

Address: Kirkkoniementie 4, Vihti 03400
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