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Alisgården is a homestead museum, showing how people lived at the end of the 19th century. The museum can be found in Lapinkylä by road 113, which leads to Evitskog. The main building at Alisgården is a former sergeant’s residence originating in Evitskog. It was moved to its current location in the 1950’s, along with a store building from Tomas’ farm in Evitskog. The main building consists of a combined kitchen and living room, a porch chamber and a hall. The kitchen and porch chamber are furnished in a late 19th century style. The hall is used for storage along with the outside store building.


The museum is run by Kyrkslätts hembygdsförening, which was founded in 1910, making it one of Finland’s oldest local heritage societies. Alisgården is the successor to the original local heritage society museum, the Gammel-Tina museum, which was opened in 1913. Most of the buildings at the old site were destroyed during the time the Porkala area was leased by the Soviet Union following World War II.


The local heritage society has a collection of old agricultural tools, carriages and sleighs stored at Gesterby manor close to the centre of Kirkkonummi. These can be seen by arrangement.


Address: Alisgårdentie 1, Kirkkonummi
Opening Hours: By arrangement.
Enquiries: tel. +358-(0)9-2566479 +358-(0)40-4160942
Entrace Fee: Free entrance
Other museums to visit: Hvitträsk is nearby. The Museum of Building Tools at Siikaranta, Ragvalds Homestead Museum.
Accessibility: Liikuntaeste Poor disabled access